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is. and a man attempted to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. why police waited a week to tell the public. and a speech could be a turning point in his political career, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning everybody, i am brian flores. there was a very tiny bump in the mercury and rosemary, we will talk more about that. >> yes, we are still tracking a few spotty showers in the forecast and you can see most of this moisture is to the south and we continue to see some of this moisture working towards the bay area picking up just a few scattered showers and near concord up near mt.
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diablo. a little bit of patchy fog and we will have more coming up. good morning, rose mark are you, traffic is working well but -- rosemary, traffic is moving well and there is some road work in san leandro that may still have some of the lanes blocked as you are picking it up. this traffic looks good approaching the 880 split. joining us live from the scene, in green bray with the details. >> that is correct, things are pretty much under control and let me show you exactly what happened. you can see the gentleman out hereby the hydrant and it is still unclear and you can see this sign right here. fire crews tell us when we got
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on the scene water is generating because it was pubelling in two parts on the roadway -- bubbling in two parts on the roadway. once on the scene, they say it was spraying out into the air and water was spraying out but just not as powerful. it is not clear if they hit a fire hydrant but although the water is off, there is a chance a sinkhole may develop thief have to dig it out and repair the main. >> reporter: some say water was coming out for at least an hour and a half. it will leave about a dozen households without water this morning but the good news, it
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does not appear to be any fling into the homes and until we can come back out here live, you can see this roadway will be monitored and if anything develops we will of course bring you on top of this. that roadway is buckled in several different areas and that's why the repairs crews will be out here all morning long because the dirt could have possibly eroded and gave way and crews will be here to monitor the situation and they say they will have it done in about four or five hours after they start and i think it is a lot of stuff to have to dig up. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are looking for your help as they search for the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year- old girl. he was walking nearette stuff
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-- east st. claims when a man grabbed the child and pulled her into a driveway. they lied about a man trying to snatch a child from her arms and this time they wanted to make sure the information was correct. he is described as latino, 5- foot 10 inches call, he brown eyes and brown hair, anybody with information is asked to call police. somebody in a white truck was chasing and shooting at somebody in a toyota camera. one shot grazed the passenger's head and somebody was hurt in a crash. passengers are still serving for the gunman. chp was looking for two
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elderly people. it happened on interstate 980 on the on ramp. the two drivers hit the man but did not stop to help. a third driver stayed at the scene. police say he may have been a homeless man. four new crime fighting measures, that includes police consultant william pratt on it. the approval represents an opportunity to bring in increased hope. it includes a team etch hiring outside consultants and the use of alameda sheriff's deputies to train for the city. and we have the new hired consultant's on camera interview and right now bratton is advising the police department and he will start his consulting job in oakland
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next month. his hiring was controversial because of the stop and frisk policy which some believe could lead to racial profiling. bratton says it is not the case. >> you don't treat the poor different from the rich, the white different from the black... >> he said his first job in oakland will be what he looks at first and he will try to fix it. coming up charges a man faces and how long he could be spending behind parse. today leon panetta will announce they will lift the ban on women serving in combat. it may open to women this year and it may take longer and if they believe any positions should remain closed and they are deciding on whether they
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have the necessary strength. >> i think this is forcing the service to rethink and they will base it on your ability to do it, whether it is basing it on certain fiscal standards. >> as of last year more than 800 women have been wounded serving in iraq and afghanistan. >> this morning senator dianne fine stein will begin her career and she will fight for a ban on assault weapons. she will introduce another bill, designed it stop the sale of military style weapons. dianne find stein had a similar measure shortly after the shooting in san francisco.
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it is part of an ongoing fire side hang out and it is a take on the famous fire side chats on the radio, but the vice-president is coming up with ways to reduce gun violence and the 30 minute online forum begins at 10:30. a.m. kerry is expected to testify before the senate committee that he served on for 28 years and kerry will appear before the senate foreign relations committee starting at 7:00 our time and he is expected to be easily confirmed by his senate colleagues. political analysts could mark a turning point in governor jerry brown. he will deliver the state address and they expect an optimistic speech that looks
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forward. he successfully approved a campaign tax hike and he has a chance to establish a legacy and is expected to talk about high speed rail and a controversial plan to move tunnels through the southerland and through the delta. we will stream in on our mobile platforms. apple was not what people expected. iphone sales leveled off and growth is slowing. they deinfluenced any -- denounced any new ideas and they said it is filled with -- chock filled with new ideas and it is not as high and is expected to dip later today. we are doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact if we look at the pictures
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i want to show you east shore freeway is doing welcoming out from vallejo, but it is still wet as you might see when you leave the house pause of the overnight rain and no major problems pie the toll and traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on the peninsular southbound 101 to redwood city and palo alto, if you are driving off to the freeways the drive is off to a good start and 880 and 208 is being picked up, rosemary orozco, back to you. it is mainly dry at the moment, just a few scattered showers will remain in the forecast and we are tracking a little bit of rain just as calistoga gary williams and
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east pay hills and this continues to move south maybe a few potty showers especially other the south bay and further south and we have some snow falling over the sierra and if you are headed that way maybe for work be prepared you may $>>♪yesterdayed those and still come falling over the sierra. and on and off the coast of southern california, the wrap around moisture will bring us a slight possibility forted. patchy fog developing in areas right around santa rosa, hayward, napa, getting out the door, be prepared if you don't have fog we can't rule out the possibility in the afternoon as
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well. they are very similar to some say how we start the day. 52 in san jose widespread upper 50s for the afternoon and a little more sunshine and looking at extended forecast, mix of sun and clouds on friday and as we get into the weekend we will remain slightly unsettled, we have a system that is wet but not colder. stim fine tuning these modelsels and bringing us a few models into sunday. and meanwhile, i will show you what is left coming up. this morning they are still looking for two suspectels that injured two teens. witnesses spots several young men running from the area of
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the gunfire. one of the two teens underwent surgery and is in stable condition. the shooting led to a brief lock out. and it started just before 5:30 yesterday evening at an abandoned home on victoria street. it took two hours to put the fire out. they believe squatters may have started the fire and the fire is still being investigated. coming up protests in san francisco. their group with the city and the voice of charlie brown in criminal court, who he is accused of talking. good morning, westbound 24 traffic between walnut creek and oakland and we will tell you more about the morning
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commute and the bay area weather.
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. welcome back on this thursday morning, temperatures will be rising into the upper 50s to the lower 60s with a possibility of lingering showers later today. they are trying to figure out why a woman who sold snacks to elementary school children was killed. she had been shot at least once and died at the hospital. the woman was known as the candy lady because she sold candy and snacks to children out of her apartment. >> she had like a coffee table and she had all the sodas and kit cats and everything just there. >> the death is the city's second homicide apple say they don't have a motive or a suspect. san francisco people are rallying against pay cats.
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about 150 food service clerical service workers are dealing with this and they say these jobs are held traditionally by women. >> this is a financial to womens and minorities too. >> yeah. >> the pay cut would affect almost 4,000 city workers and the distribute will go on arbitration and the union contract expires next year. subway is being sued over the fact that their sandwiches do not measure up. this one showing a sandwich at 11-foot is now suing because they believe they are short changing customers. if they don't bake the rolls to
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exact corporate standards they will sue. and now they know how to make jeans resistance to hiv. they say putting the tee seals in, they believe it could keep an immune system from collapses and they say the trials will lead to humans in about five years. arguments began in a fate gang rape in india. prosecutors say the defendant beat and raped a woman for hours and left her abandoned to die on the side of a road. this was created in the weak of massive protests following the attack. a 6th suspect is expected to be tried in juvenile court.
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they made their first court appearance and they bled not guilty after charges that he made criminal threats against the plastic surgeon. he was arrested at the mexican border and he was used for its a great christmas and he faces up to nine years in prison if convicted. they have hopes of catching two men in hopes of catching them rob the stores. you can see suspects jumping over counters and forcing customers to the floor and one demanded oxycodone. the two suspects are believed to be in their 20s. later we will have safety issues with the boeing dreamliner. all 787s are grounded after two
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battery fires and there is no timetable for allowing the jets to return to service but a member of the aviation committee told him the planes could be back in the air very soon. time now 4:49 let's take a look at the traffic, sal? >> it is a little slower and this is a look at 880 westbound and you can see the traffic looks food. at the toll plaza same thing going and the traffic looks already. if you are driving on the hayward freeways 4:49 let's go to rosemary orozco. this system is continuing to move to the south and it will bring us a few scattered showers, will you need the umbrella? perhaps not but you will be dodging a few sprinkles picking
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up a few bits of light rain perhaps over areas of clayton and areas inland east bay. you can see i backed this up and this system is below and we if the that counterclockwise. temperatures under mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s in red wood city upper 40s in areas like santa rosa and napa and some extra fog and the road is slick and the fog joins us this morning. i want to show you what i do expect forted, partly cloudy skies or i should say partly sunny skies, because it looks like clouds will particular around put notice this moisture, we are not going to
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be dry completely and we will continue with the patchy fog and it is seasonal for this time of year. a mix of sun and clouds. a slight chance for some rain and this system is going to be a cooler one. take a look at the afternoon ice. monday looks dry with partly cloudy skies skies. they are celebrating the new opening of san francisco's new jazz center. >> it sounds awesome. the facility is just a few blocks from city hall. it used to be a -- last night they had who's who of the celebrities and bill cosby was
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the master of the celebrities. they had an nhl lock out and the sharks have shortened the season with two road wins. they have a game 6:30 tonight which is sold out and they are planning something for caber nick trying to set an alma madder. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, here is proof that anybody can go collin kaepernicking. they held the largest collin kaepernicking party and thousands took time out to flexion their arms and kiss their bicep and it is currently free to collin kaepernick but how long, they are trying to trademark the pose. the u.s. patent office wants to print it on clothing. now it includes a dazzling light show and they are trying out some lights across the western span of the bridge. it is part of an $8 million project to mark the bridge's anniversary and the lights will be turned on once the project is completed in march.
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time now 4:55 let's check out the traffic with sal. 101 looks good as you approach the 880 split with no major problems and traffic is moving nicely along the 880 split and also the commute around the westbound bay bridge, very few cars are coming through and it looks good heading south to fremont, now let's go to rosemary orozco. we will give you a look at how much rain is falling in the last two hours, santa rosa is picking up 2 / 10th, 5 / 100th in fremont and 7 / 100th in concord. and the most rain is reported in napa. this system is shifting south, moving over central and southern california forted and we will continue with the possibility of wraparound moisture with just a few
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scattered showers and it is really the south bay that will pick up most of those residual spotty showers and it is easy to see why as the system continues to move to the south and we continue to get that pulling in from the south as well. forted, mostly cloudy, temperatures are going to be on the mild side, seasonal i should say for this time of year, upper 50s and 60s in the forecast, i want to back this up because we do have another possibility just a slight chance for your weekend. it looks like it could be a little soggy as well and low 60s into the south bay and under mostly cloudy skies, 62 mountain view and in santa cruz, the extended forecast, showing you just what we talked about a moment ago, sun and
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clouds in store a slight chance for rain pulling us pack into the area and overnight lows will be dropping back into the 30s by sunday morning and into monday. back to the desk. crews are on the scene of a big water-main break find out how it is a affecting traffic. also the long wait is finally over for san jose hockey, we will have more coming from the shark tank.

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